National Security Case Study

Freight Security

When a national shipping company realized that their larger shipments were being targeted by cargo thieves, they knew that they needed to take action to protect their valuable goods. They reached out to FSI, a company that specializes in helping businesses keep better track of their shipments and prevent theft.  By working with FSI, this national shipper is demonstrating its commitment to providing the highest quality service to its customers.

The Challenge

In-transit theft was a genuine concern for this national shipper which they needed help protecting their shipments against cargo theft. This was becoming a serious problem that was putting significant strain on their operations and reputation as a trusted shipper. In order to mitigate these risks and ensure the safety and security of their shipments, this national shipper sought out the assistance of FSI, a leading provider of security solutions for cargo transportation.


Managed Logistics Solution

A reliable logistics partner is exactly what this national shipper needed, one who could provide them with the services and programs they needed to gain 24/7 visibility and instant tracking for all of their shipments. With FSI’s comprehensive suite of managed logistics and transportation solutions, this shipper was able to streamline their shipping operations, reduce costs, and ensure the complete safety of their valuable cargo.

The Results

Through its expertise and experience working with other large shippers in similar situations, FSI was able to develop customized managed logistics solutions tailored specifically to the needs of this national shipper. These included enhanced data analytics, real-time tracking systems, and innovative security measures like solar GPS, which helped protect against potential cargo theft.

The Client

Given the high-profile status of this national shipper, it is not surprising that they experienced an increase in shipments, particularly larger distribution shipments. This is because they are a trusted source for many products and services, making their products and services extremely important to consumers. As such, they must take measures to protect their shipments from potential theft in order to maintain the trust and confidence of their customers. 

The FSI Solution

Looking to keep cargo theft at bay, FSI stepped up to the challenge with a robust security strategy for this national shipper.  In addition to hiring local drivers in strategic locations, FSI also brought on dedicated long-haul drivers and dedicated support managers who could provide direct control over all shipments. Furthermore, our network of agents are monitored through a stringent security verification system that ensures compliance at all times.

The Additional Steps to Preventing Cargo Theft

Freight Services is committed to helping its customers keep their high-priority freight safe from transit theft. As part of their managed logistics program, FSI conducts thorough background checks on all of their drivers and employees and also adds solar GPS systems to their trucks. This allows them to track the location of their vehicles, even if thieves try to disable the electronic GPS system. 

Additionally, we work hard to build strong partnerships with trusted suppliers to ensure our client’s supply chains are secure at all times. By prioritizing security and transparency in its shipping operations, Freight Services is able to provide peace of mind to its customers by ensuring that their valuable cargo arrives at its destination safely and securely.

The Results | What the Client Has to Say

With FSI’s help, this national shipper was able to better monitor and track their shipments, giving them greater peace of mind that their valuable goods would arrive safely at their destination. Additionally, by working with FSI, the shipper was able to minimize the risk of theft and ensure that their customers received their products quickly and efficiently.

Overall, it was clear that partnering with FSI was the right choice for this national shipper, as it enabled them to more effectively safeguard their shipments and maintain the high level of service that their customers had come to expect from them.

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