Dedicated Logistics

Dedicated Logistics

Our team prioritizes your industry, using dedicated logistics that allow for secure, advanced, and smooth shipping

Our fleet Management Practices


Our drivers are highly trained & client centric. We have drivers located across the United States to meet your needs on a nationwide level, coast to coast with full support. Driver safety is crucial, our tracking systems and AI solutions help our team to achieve it.


We provide Temperature Controlled Box Trucks and 53’ Tractor Trailers. This ensures that we can handle any size shipment, with any type of requirement no matter the industry. We utilize our assets to improve yours!

This combination of assets is what sets apart our services from other freight companies when it comes to medical and agricultural industries. Labs, universities, and pharmaceutical companies trust us to provide state of the art shipping and delivery services.


Our trucks are equipped with state of the art Lift Tech Devices, which allow the driver to secure freight while in transit and in between stops. We achieve this through a remote controlled door control and an automatic timed door closure to ensure optimal temperatures are maintained.

Our advanced trucking technology comes with fast delivery, savings, and peace of mind:

  • Lowered Costs – Technology helps you to secure your savings. Your company saves money on fuel and maintenance by utilizing our temperature controlled trailers. Shipping across state lines can lead to extreme temperature fluctuations. Our temperature monitoring systems prevent product waste, especially when it comes to items like food and animal feed.
  • Smooth Shipping – Artificial intelligence and sleek design allow for smooth shipping and quality results. Protective packaging methods only go so far, and the temperature controlled environment in our trucks will add an extra layer of protection in preserving your goods during transportation.
  • Peace of Mind – Our trucks are equipped to prevent theft and damage along the way. In the end, you are saving money while receiving more, which is the way it should be! Why pay more for less?

Reduce your Risk with FSI

Freight Services uses enhanced AI Technology and Video Monitoring on all of our trucks. This helps us prevent accidents, mitigate risk, and assess driver behaviors. Advanced telematics allows our team to implement driving guidelines that promote driver safety and improve on-the-road practices, ensuring peace of mind throughout the shipping process. 

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